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My name is Steven Eli Esquibel, I am the traditional leader for 17 American Indian reservations located in southern California.  I was appointed to this position of life, by the then, tradtional leaders for those reservations in 1982.  My Indian name translates into Hummingbird, which in many American Indian cultures is the messenger in life.  I acquired this name through my climbing our sacred mountain in southern California where a hummingbird led me up the traditional trail to the peak of the mountain.  I am known as the keeper of this mountain, which is called Kuchama, and wherein I and the traditional leaders had it placed upon the national register of sacred places for it's protection.  I am currently involved in fighting for all life because all life is at risk.  It is at risk due to the greed of the world which has permeated throughout the world.  We as American Indian people have been fighting this greed since the first coming of other peoples to the lands called the Americas.  I was also the first American Indian to attend the Massachussettes Institute of Technology (MIT) on a Ph.d..  There are answers which immediately need to be put into place to diminish the effects which are now taking hold throughout the world as a result of the greed and disrespect for all life.  We tradtionally lived by two main laws, throughout the American Indian world.  (1) There is a God and that God is simply one God for all.  That God is only to be prayed to as God, not anyone else, not Jesus, not Budha, not Mohammed or anyone else. And (2) If everyone who had enough shared then everyone would have enough.  And not just a sharing of physical things in life, but a sharing of who we are, what we know, our love for life, our compassion for life, our caring for all life given and provided for all by God.  And that is not to say someone cannot have more than someone else in life, but it is saying someone cannot have anything.  we lived by the understanding that all life is sacred before God and that all life is connected to God and as such should be respected and cared for, not simply used and wasted for ones greed and dominance over.